Tarion Registered New Home Builder Tarion Registered New Home Builder Logo awarded to Richpark Homes

Richpark's Owners, John and Ron, have been registered with Tarion, Ontario's New Home Warranty Program, since 1998.

Richpark has learned a few very important yet simple points, that all its customers should know and understand:

  • "Builders don’t know everything, but good builders hang in for the long haul."

  • "Houses are complicated. There are thousands of interconnected pieces and materials that go into houses. Finding problems and then figuring out the right solution takes time. Stay calm and be patient. In the end that is the fastest way to repair problems."
  • "Whether Richpark Homes is family, friend or stranger, be sure that the lines of communication are open, frank and clear. Be sure to record or document key decisions to avoid misunderstandings."


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