Leonardo Romanese Architect

Leonardo Romanese Architect 2015 Wood Design & Building Awards Entry

The Canadian Wood Council's Design & Building Awards is the only North American program to recognize, award and publicize excellence in wood architecture.

John and Ron first worked with Leonardo Romanese almost ten years ago, in 2006, designing under Richpark's direction and delivering construction drawings for a self storage facility project, built by Richpark for their client, Anchor Self Storage Inc. Leonardo Romanese is a specialist who understands clients needs, builder specifications, municipal requirements and leading edge design and creativity and function.

Most recently, Richpark brought Leonardo's Architectual Team in to help with an Exceptional Residential Home Design Build in Toronto's North York near Sheppard and Bayview Avenues, which has been nominated for The Canadian Wood Council's 2015 Wood Design & Building Awards, where a hand-selected jury of prominent architects from Canada and the USA, personally review each submission and chooses the award winners based on considerations such as creativity, distinctive and appropriate uses of wood materials, ability to satisfy clients’ building and site requirements, and overall aesthetic appeal for the use and application of wood.
Richpark is very proud to include Leonardo Romanese Architect Inc. AAA, MAA, OAA, on the Richpark Homes Team.  Richpark Homes builds award winning homes for their clients and brings them to life throughout Toronto and North York, including Vaughan, Pickering and Whitby.