Success Stories

"The greatest compliment granted Richpark, from a customer, was being invited back to build another new home for them." 

"Receiving a call from a client seven years after delivering their home to request the price of a finished basement for the kids, now teenagers, made our day here at Richpark."

"My friend at my church suggested I discuss plans to demolish and build a new house on a income property I owned on Lawrence at Avenue Road. After a lot of investigation, best decision I made was in choosing John and Richpark.  Construction on my second home with Richpark just started."

 "Sixteen years ago my wife and I shook hands with our friends at Richpark after delivery of our new home and the warranty work completed. I called John's cell phone number, expecting maybe a different person to answer or out of service message. When John answered, and remembered my family immediately, well, you know, these guys are pretty deep rooted in their community and business."

 "I met Ron and John when my group partnered with them developing, servicing, building and selling, a three town home project on Kingston Road in Scarborough.  My associates had worked with them before, but I was new to Richpark. Honest and fair means a lot to Ron and John, gentlemen of good character, even if they are not Macedonian." 

"Richpark educated my wife and I on one clear direction to follow when making decisions on a new home to be constructed and resold in the Real Estate market. Make your selections and decisions based on what the most people looking to buy the house will want, when it has a for sale sign on the lawn."

"Ron told me something one day, and I have been using it often ever since. When people speak with their wallets, make sure it's your product their taking about.  Ron and John probably have forgotten more about the building industry then others even know.  I found their knowledge incredibly helpful"

"I laughed with John after debating him on a decision concerning the house Richpark Homes were building for my wife and I. Found myself saying how I could never work with a client like myself, and didn't know how John could have the patience for me." 

"We brought our plans, building permits in hand, to Richpark, late in the builder selection process, and decided on John and Ron. A number of debates, some could say battles, along the way, maybe we were a little stubborn, maybe Richpark was too.  Settled all accounts, shook hands and said our good byes. Entered the builder selection process again, older and wiser, found ourselves calling Richpark up and doing another contract to build with them again. Richpark is open, honest and fair, and we can work with that."

"We made a call on the Richpark sign on the site of two homes being built on our street. The owner answered the call directly. We met, a written proposal presented, we decided to take the house at the finished drywall stage to finish ourselves, but we wanted a reputable and Ontario Registered Builder to provide us the solid construction to finish.  Ron and John provided that to us."